ALJ Guidance Department

The high school guidance staff includes a Director of Student Support Services and four full time counselors and one full time student assistance counselor.  Our goal is to guide students on their road to independence.  Vertical counseling assignments afford counselors the opportunity to provide guidance to students in all four grades, promoting greater continuity and enhancing counselor-to-student interaction.  The counselor to student ratio is 1/200.  The Guidance Department focuses on promoting and supporting growth in our students in academics; as well as mental and emotional wellness. 

Contact us - 732-382-0910

Director of Student Support Services
Mrs. Doreen Babis

Our Counselors

Mrs. Jennifer Sanchez- Counselor, ext. 3255
Mrs. Molly Cusick- Counselor, ext. 3253
Ms. Erica Stasio- Counselor, ext. 3250
Mrs. Ellen Zamboni- Counselor, ext. 3252
Mr. Steve Kaelblein- SAC, ext. 3251

Support Staff

Mrs. Roseanne Bowden- Secretary, ext. 3259
Mrs. Barbara Parisi- Secretary, ext. 3256

The NEW 2018-2019 Program of Studies

College Scholarship Tracker

Seniors who have applied to colleges may start hearing back within the next few weeks. In an effort to keep information organized, a worksheet with some examples is below to keep track of scholarship offers from each school. Note that some awards may not come until the FAFSA information is processed.

 College Scholarship Tracker.pdf