Our Guidance Team

The  guidance staff includes a Supervisor of Guidance , seven full time counselors and one full time student assistance counselor.    The Guidance Department focuses on promoting and supporting growth in our students in academics, as well as mental and emotional wellness. 

Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services / Guidance 
Mr. Andrew Amendola - aamendola@clarkschools.org

ALJ   732-382-3259

Mrs. Jennifer Sanchez- jsanchez@clarkschools.org
Ms. Molly Cusick- mcusick@clarkschools.org
Mrs. Erica Stasio- estasio@clarkschools.org
Mrs. Ellen Zamboni- ezamboni@clarkschools.org
Mr. Steve Kaelblein- SAC skaelblein@clarkschools.org 

CHK  732-381-4100

Mr. Steven Acosta - sacosta@clarkschools.org
Ms. Danielle Jannucci - djannucci@clarkschools.org

Frank K. Hehnly 732-381-8100 and Valley Road School 732-388-7901 

Mrs. Sarah Badillo -sbadillo@clarkschools.org

Support Staff

Mrs. Roseanne Bowden- rbowden@clarkschools.org
Mrs. Barbara Parisi- bparisi@clarkschools.org

The NEW 2019-2020 Program of Studies

College Scholarship Tracker

Seniors who have applied to colleges may start hearing back within the next few weeks. In an effort to keep information organized, a worksheet with some examples is below to keep track of scholarship offers from each school. Note that some awards may not come until the FAFSA information is processed.

 College Scholarship Tracker.pdf 

SAT/ACT Information

At least one SAT or ACT should be taken before senior year.  All colleges in the United States accept both tests.  Make sure you are registering for an exam with an essay if your prospective school requires it.  Test dates and registration information can be found at the below links.



 List of Schools That Require the SAT With Essay.pdf